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Homecoming Garters can be customized in multiple ways. We offer three levels of service

for each of our Homecoming Mums. Each level provides our customers with the opportunity

to customize thier homecoming experinence. Need something special, send us an email we

can create anything you can imagine. 


Each level includes specific items. All can still be customized to your unique needs. Need a

superhero garter or a baseball themed double gater. Give us a call.

Check out our Photo Gallery for more examples of our work.




The Basic - 6.5 inch Flower      

The Deluxe - 7 inch Flower     

The Works - 8 inch Flower 





Click on the individual mums below for more details on what is included in each package.

mum has a product description that details what is included on each mum.

  • Basic Homecoming Garter
    Garter Basic Homecoming Mum
    Garter Basic Homecoming Mums include the following:  7.0 inch Flowers 18 inch Ribbons (school colors) Crazy Loops or regular loops for head 3.5 inch Bear 4 Metallic Ribbons 1 Custom Braid Block Student Letters 2...
  • Homecoming Garter Full Shot
    Garter Deluxe Homecoming Mum
    Garter Deluxe Homecoming Mums include the following:    7.0 inch Flowers (colored flowers available) 2 5inch Bears Block Lettering 18 inch Ribbons (school colors) Crazy Loops for head Various glitter items in the...
  • Single Works Garter
    Garter"The Works" Homecoming Mum
    Garter "The Works" Homecoming Mums include the following: This is our most popular design. Each one of these creations is completed with your design requests in mind. There is more included than we could ever list. See our...
  • Sport Roses
    Sports Roses
    For several years we have been offering sports roses as apart of our Homecoming design. Now you can order your sports roses online as well. Simply add to cart and tell us single stems or include in Homecoming Mum Designs...

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